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DBZ: The Legendary Super Frost Demon DBZ: The Legendary Super Frost Demon

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Most people stated the lacking factor of this flash, and indeed it was a stronger punchline. Even more so for some character that is already used in many jokes. I was indeed expecting something in the lines of his ultimate form being "Elsa", "Bigfoot", "Mt. Everest", "mega Mewtwo", "Ice Climbers" or anything silly that would close the "Super Frost Demon" joke.

I get that your point was to show off how silly their transformation speeches are, but still, the "main dish" that would be the transformation itself was a little lacking. It was just a golden Frieza, it should at least be portrayed as being a "Shiny Mewtwo" or something.

Anyway, great flash, animation and sync overall. Indeed the Goku and Vegeta voices are not that great since most people are used to some specific voice actors, but anyway, great work!

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AngelXMIkey responds:

That is the official transformation, I was making fun of Akira Toriyama's Design. This is a real thing, THAT IS AN OFFICIAL TRANSFORMATION!!!

The Sugar Claws: F.C. The Sugar Claws: F.C.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow. Impressive.

I shall say this is really good and breath-taking piece of artwork. The story got a nice pace of events, background and all. I was very happy that you showed in the extras your references, so i could read'em.

It's a true masterpiece, and as said before, 10/10 isn't enough. I'm glad that you keep the non-fancy font to read the history, that was very better than when you started, the graphic changes were all for the best. Hope you get more fans and followers here in NG and over the net. Your work is very good, since cooljaws i read'em and get impressed and wonder, "why other stories aren't this good? Why so much cliché..." You know how to impress, and got an awesome criative mind.

Wokgran X
(sorry for any eng errors)

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Celx-Requin responds:

I understood your english so no worries :)

I've got one more story on the way, it's just an issue of finding the time to work on it at this point...
Thanks for reviewing, and I hope you continue to check out my stuff!

- Celx

Fullmetal Arithmetist Fullmetal Arithmetist

Rated 4 / 5 stars

PPl got no Limits.

In both literal and mathemathical ways xD.

Good work, but sound could be better.

Worse than x/0 could be 0/0 0^0 or "infinity * 0 " etc, the special indefinition cases of calculus.

SS - Chakras SS - Chakras

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I shall rebring color discussion further.

On short, awesome job on the teachings and speaking etc. Well, i did made part by sometime ago in a reiki house, an made reki lvl I course, etc. Putting that aside, i would like to go more scientific about the "color system".

As we [should] know, the blend of all colors, in the light form, is white. By physhics, white is the color that just reflexes all the others, and, when you use a certain color, this color will be mostly reflexed away by your clothes, since color in the pigmentation, or "CMY+K" level are like that, they merge to Black, instead of white.

So, in my own thoughs, even if one that use's a "x" color shirt, he should get "by body" all colors, except for "x", and by mind and reflexion "x". So... i would like to open-minded discuss, if wear black instead of the common white clothing is really that bad.

In particular, i prefer and use black all the time. No regrets about it.
[hope it's not confusing, bad english and stuff.]

The Sugar Claws: II-VII The Sugar Claws: II-VII

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Your progress is very promissing

In fact the stories you made so far, including this one, are great.
And this flash got some points corrected for the best, like the difference between the font color and the color of the textbox.

Still, a more simple font would do better than a fancy one. Making it easier to read and get addicted into it.

The art improoved aswell. Always getting better. Keep it up with the great work.

Celx-Requin responds:

Thanks man!
- Celx

Flandre Attack! Flandre Attack!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

There is a long way to go

But if you keep it up, sure good things will come out. I'm looking for more Touhou stuff into newgrounds, so GJ there.

Even if i don't like Sprite fight at all. Dunno if you know, but Flandre speciality is "teleporting the eye of things" to her hand, then destroying anything at her will.

Anyway, good job, need to make longer fights, and more scenario interacting imo.

Will be good to search for a proper storyline and watch "super mario bros Z" series at the portal.

Kyora-Mishiso responds:

Thanks. Touhou is AWESOME.

And I do know that's Flandre's special. I know a LOT about Flandre, she is my favorite. She did that when she out right ENDED the otherwise invincible SandBag. And just because destruction is her main power, doesn't mean she didn't exhibit other powers, particularly in the game itself. Flandre exhibits a lot of power.

And I know I need to make the fights longer. This was just a little brief thing to give me ideas for another flash, and to help flesh out what I could do with the sprite pallate I was given to work with. There wasn't any storyline because this wasn't meant to be a story driven piece, just a brief thing for entertainment.

And I HAVE seen Super Mario Bros. Z. It's also a favorite.

Thanks for the review.

CoolJaw: T.T. V-V CoolJaw: T.T. V-V

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great history

Thanks for the personal menssage. Got to read it these days.
Well, the history comes to reveal itself, and it's awesome.

Didn't expect them to be twisted from a psycho medic. Wonder what will happen next.

Great art/Great Graps/Great how to do this "Motion HQ" like, it's different and very good.

5/5 9/10

Celx-Requin responds:

Oh the last act will be out soon!
...But not too soon :)

Thanks for the review!
- Celx

Something On My Face Something On My Face

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Awesome art, but no-concept.

Well, i liked both music and art, but they just don't get together, they don't pass any information, it's a no-meaning film. Awesome graphics and stuff, awesome music composition, but, most of flashes are done to make some change, to pass something to people, to sent over an idea to lots of viewers. That's why i rated 6/10 and 3/5. Art by itself, is just art. Art whith a concept is "The ART". Art with both concept and usefull meanings is design. In my, personal, opinion, your flash stoped in the first step.

Keep up with the great work, but, let's make this place a better one, let's try to prove our thoughts, our ways and our skills and just "how can we make this world less troublesome to live".

Thanks, and till the next great flash
~ Kougra EX (sry for the bad english)

Anime The Movie Anime The Movie

Rated 0 / 5 stars

No good... At least the music is good

Man... really. What is wrong with you "Crew" guys... Everytime you send something is just more meningless spam... and this is NOT A MUSIC DEPOSIT. If you want to upload random musics just go do a Goear thing like site. Not here.
Well, you could really try, just once in life, to get better at flash or make some really skills and save your crew name... I really don't understand why spamming so much random stuff here is so fun for you... anyway. (This is for most NG crews).

At least the music is good, at least...

to the ones who don't know the music is "Bõken Deshou Deshou" by Aya Hirano. Also played in the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu series opening. (Also know as The melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi). Well hope you think about your own acts in this portal a little and help your "Crewrades" anyway.

Overral Score: 0 - For spamming the portal with useless/wrong things that are not meant to be here.

MichiganPlateClock responds:

you don't seem to understand.

let me elaborate.

Resident Evil: TSR 1 Resident Evil: TSR 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Bem,,, Valeu pelo 3D.

Fizeram um ótimo trabalho gráfico, principalmente, a nível de cenário. Mas em som, principalmente, ainda faltam alguns detalhes aqui e lá. E se resolveram postar em um site 100% internacional, de fato, a animação deveria estar preferencialmente em inglês, mas nada contra a solução das legendas, só acho q elas seriam melhor empregadas caso houvesse uma faixa preta aparte só para elas (para independente da cena, nunca gerar problemas visuais).

Eu sei que ambientação de som, a níveis caseiros é complexo, mas as falas podem ser melhoradas também, tem muita coisa ali que é óbvia demais, cabe melhor em pensamento do que fala propriamente dita. E corredores e tal, deveriam explorar mais a distância do microfone em relação ao personagem, ou gravar no banheiro para conseguir o som de eco. E quanto a monstros e rugidos, acho melhor tentarem procurar algum outro filme/som de referência, usá-lo e depois listar nos créditos (não há mal algum nisso).

Foi muito bom, pode e deve melhorar e espero, como brasileiro do portal o sucesso de vocês. vamos ao score tradicional:

Gráficos/Cenário (Visual): 9
Som (efeitos + Falas): 5
Música: 7 (pode melhorar, ela n passa muito da animação/cena em si)
Enredo: 6 (comum)
Criatividade: 8
Animação: 8
Overral Score: 7

Abraços e força pra vocês o/
-Kougra EX.

> This was a review talking (in portuguese, since they are a portuguese animation/voice team) about how they did good in the graphics and stuff, however they could improve the sound part, music and voicing. I tried to give some hints and stuff hoping they will come with a great new version of this history in the 2º part of this flash.

-Kougra EX.

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